Chicken Price, mutton price, and Beef, Fish price in Ajmer today?

Chicken Price in Ajmer today is ₹ 220

We know the Chicken price in Ajmer is not fixed and the chicken price in Ajmer is increasing day by day. Chciken price in Ajmer has increased by more than 8% to 9% by previous month. due to price hike in chicken the price of egg has also increased in Ajmer

We Know Chicken, a versatile and popular source of protein, holds a special place in the culinary preferences of people across in Ajmer. Whether you're a homemaker planning your meals or a restaurant owner seeking the latest market information, understanding the current chicken prices in Ajmer is essential.

Understanding the Dynamics of Chicken price

We know The prices of chicken in Ajmer can fluctuate due to a multitude of factors, including demand, supply, production costs, transportation expenses, and seasonal variations. By staying informed about market trends and fluctuations, consumers can make well-informed decisions when purchasing chicken.

Current Chicken Prices in Ajmer

We know As of today, the average price of chicken per kilogram in Ajmer ranges between Rs. 190 to Rs. ₹ 220, depending on the quality and location. However, it's important to note that these prices are approximate and may experience slight variations across different cities and regions. It's always advisable to verify the prevailing rates at local markets or trusted vendors.

Factors Influencing Chicken Prices

  1. The demand for chicken plays a significant role in shaping its price. When demand surpasses supply, prices tend to rise, whereas an oversupply can result in lower prices. Seasonal variations, festivals, and other factors impacting consumer demand can influence chicken prices.

  2. The cost of production, including feed, labor, and infrastructure, can have a direct impact on chicken prices. Fluctuations in production costs, such as changes in the price of feed or labor wages, may affect the overall market rates.

  3. The cost of transporting live chickens or processed poultry products from farms to markets plays a vital role in determining the final price. Factors such as fuel prices, distance, and transportation infrastructure can impact transportation costs, thereby influencing chicken prices.

  4. Government policies and regulations, including import/export policies, taxes, and subsidies, can indirectly affect chicken prices. Any changes in these policies can alter the market dynamics and subsequently impact prices.

Tips for Consumers on Chicken price

  1. Keep yourself updated on the latest chicken prices in your specific location in Ajmer. Regularly check with local markets, poultry vendors, or online platforms to stay informed about prevailing rates.

  2. It's advisable to compare prices across different vendors or shops. This practice helps you identify competitive prices and potentially save money.

  3. Purchasing chicken in larger quantities can often be more cost-effective. Consider buying in bulk and freezing the excess for later use if you have adequate storage facilities.

  4. Local poultry markets or farmers' markets may offer competitive prices and better-quality products. Exploring these options in your vicinity could lead to finding better deals.

Chicken Rate in Ajmer Today

Chicken ItemUnit Rate per Kg

Chicken ( Skin )

Kilogram₹ 220

Chicken ( Skinless)

Kilogram₹ 230

Chicken ( Boneless )

Kilogram₹ 240

Mutton Rate in Ajmer Today Today

ItemUnit Rate per Kg


Kilogram₹ 780

Beef Rate in Ajmer Today

ItemUnit Rate per Kg


Kilogram₹ 180

Fish Market Rate in Ajmer Today

Fish ItemUnit Rate per Kg
PorkKilogram₹ 350
Duck MeatKilogram₹ 430
Rawas (Indian Salmon)Kilogram₹ 610
Catla (Indian Carp or Bengal Carp)Kilogram₹ 200
Rohu (Rohu or Carpo Fish)Kilogram₹ 180
Bangda (Indian Mackerel)Kilogram₹ 220
Rani (Pink Pearch)Kilogram₹ 250
Surmai (King Fish or Seer Fish)Kilogram₹ 540
PomfretKilogram₹ 680
HilsaKilogram₹ 460
Kekda (Crab)Kilogram₹ 480
Jhinga (Prawns and Shrimps)Kilogram₹ 370


What is the price of Chicken ( Skin ) today in India ?

Average Chicken ( Skin ) price in India today is ₹ 220 and You know the price of Chicken ( Skin ) varies by states and district. for more information you can chicken on this website

What is the price of Chicken ( Skinless) today in India ?

Average Chicken ( Skinless) price in India today is ₹ 230 and You know the price of Chicken ( Skinless) varies by states and district. for more information you can chicken on this website

What is the price of Chicken ( Boneless ) today in India ?

Average Chicken ( Boneless ) price in India today is ₹ 240 and You know the price of Chicken ( Boneless ) varies by states and district. for more information you can chicken on this website

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